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four waters media | Team

  • Stephanie Moulton-Peters Avatar

    Paul and four’s partnership throughout my successful campaign helped us stay disciplined, on-track, and focused. They were strategic, creative, and always had our back. They helped me to craft a compelling message and delivered it in an effective way to the right audience at the right time. They are a great team and trusted partners.

    Stephanie Moulton-Peters
    Marin County Supervisor
  • Maddy Hirshfield Avatar

    I have worked along side four waters media on many occasions and with many campaigns. It’s really amazing to watch four take a very convoluted sentence, phrase or thought and brilliantly break it down into something that’s concise and exactly what you were trying to convey. The mail she produces is always on point and captures the essence of the... read more

    Maddy Hirshfield
    Political Director, North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO
  • Mark W. Toney, Ph.D Avatar

    I have chosen four as my Social Justice Communications Partner for over 10 years because she wields design and presentation as a hammer to shape how key policy leaders see the world, and accept their responsibility to take action.

    Mark W. Toney, Ph.D
    Executive Director, TURN - The Utility Reform Network
  • Erin Hannigan Avatar

    My re-election campaign for Solano County Supervisor was well-run, with consistent, creative, thoughtful messaging across many media—that always reflected my values. four and Paul provided us the guidance to remain focused, disciplined, and on target.

    Erin Hannigan
    Solano County Supervisor
  • Tom Lopez Avatar

    As a first-time candidate, running against an incumbent, it was important to have a knowledgeable team on our side. four and Paul were with us every step of the way, not only producing great product, also making sure that we were taking the right steps at the right time.

    Tom Lopez
    Yolo County Sheriff
  • Jennifer McClellan Sanders Avatar

    We’ve worked with four waters media for many years; they’re responsive, timely, and wonderfully creative. They’re a pleasure to have as our Public Relations partner and we hope to work with them for many years to come!

    Jennifer McClellan Sanders
    Business Manager, The Auburn Symphony
  • Dan Carson Avatar

    Our Framing Workshop was a critical first step… four waters helped us understand what issues our local voters truly cared about and how they would likely react to my personal story and campaign message. It helped me bring forward an authentic message that I stayed with, from beginning to end, that resonated with my remarkably politically engaged community.

    Dan Carson
    Davis City Council
  • Josh Fryday Avatar

    Paul Cohen & four waters were great partners in our hard-fought and successful campaign. The tools, support, and experience were invaluable. They kept our team on track, we were nimble and responsive - and always focused on message discipline. This team has a nice blend of pragmatic strategic understanding and commitment to authenticity and integrity.

    Josh Fryday
    Novato City Council
  • Maribeth Bushey Avatar

    I couldn’t imagine hitting the campaign trail without four waters media. We crystallized a winning, warm, simple message through the Framing Workshop, which expressed the “real me.” Because the Frame was based on my values, I was always comfortable with the message, no matter the specific topic, and my sincerity and passion could shine through.

    Maribeth Bushey
    San Rafael City Council
  • Lucas Frerichs Avatar

    The Framing Workshop was especially helpful in finding an effective and authentic message that allowed our team to remain disciplined, resonate, and always came from the heart.

    Lucas Frerichs
    Davis City Council
  • Shanti Gonzales Avatar

    four, I wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my campaign. I really believe that the Framing Workshop, and the framework we created, allowed me to break through the noise and be heard by voters. I know the mail was effective because voters told me they loved it. Your ongoing coaching and co-creation helped me to... read more

    Shanti Gonzales
    Oakland School Board
  • Dan Carson Avatar

    Our Framing Workshop was a critical first step in understanding the my own underlying potential strengths and weaknesses as a first-time political candidate.
    Bringing in a diverse group of persuadable voters in a session conducted with an expert third-party moderator, four waters, helped us understand what issues our local voters truly cared about and how they would likely react...
    read more

    Dan Carson
    Davis City Council