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Jennifer Perez

jennifer “jp” perez | creative director

With over 22 years of graphic design experience, Jennifer has worked as an in-house designer and as a freelance contractor. She loves taking a client’s message and their mission and translating it into a unique design, seeing it through from initial development to final production.

Jennifer has an extensive Fine Arts background and a degree in Communication Design. Her career has taken her from pre-press technician to designing for ad agencies, magazine publishers, and corporations. Her path eventually led her to the world of politics, where she has designed mail and other campaign collateral for numerous statewide and local elections.

Jennifer joined the four waters media team first as an outside contractor, and now as the lead in-house designer. She lives in West Sacramento with her family and enjoys being involved in the local business community as a member of the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce.

Communication Design, Bachelor of Arts, Chico State University