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four waters | president  

“Say what you mean. Mean what you say.”

Blessed to grow up in some of the most extraordinary regions of Central and Northern California, four waters has a deeply rooted love for the beauty, awe, power, and connectedness of our natural world.

Several successful years of sales and marketing ultimately gave way to her lifelong love of art and writing, and passion for creativity. four waters began a career in graphic design, public relations, and communication just as the digital design was beginning to take the stage, and in 1989 made the leap to Art Director. She began designing political mail in 2000.

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, four waters combined her passion for communication and years in sales, to help promote community equity and protect our fragile planet. A few years later she embraced local and state politics and finally made the move to Sacramento, focusing on rural county needs and growing a successful consulting firm.

Inspired by Drew Westen, PhD and George Lakoff, four designed a unique workshop for creating a candidate’s Frame, based on core values and beliefs. This successful process helps clients maintain message discipline and authenticity.

In addition to a growing public relationship firm, four has truly enjoyed her work throughout the state, facilitating workshops to help grassroots activists build strategic plans and understand the necessity for measurable, achievable, and quantifiable goals.

Today, four waters is still inspired by her love of creativity and driven to help people create opportunity, foster respect, and live with dignity. And she remains dedicated to keeping our remarkable planet a place of beauty, recreation, sustenance, and awe — to be shared by all long into the future.

Of course, she also remains committed to the success of her
fabulous clients. 

four waters is active in the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, is trainer for EmergeCA, and sits on the board of the Yolo Basin Foundation.