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Alex Goedrich

alex goedrich | website design

Alexandra Goedrich was born and raised in Germany. After receiving her degree in mechanical drafting Alex moved to Vancouver, Canada, at age 23. She started to work at a classical animation studio and soon moved on to teaching at the Vancouver Film School.

In 2001 Alex started importing and selling European-made children’s toys from her small apartment/eCommerce website in Los Angeles and orders started pouring in. The business soon expanded and a retail location was opened in Carlsbad, CA. Her many responsibilities included: web design & development, content creation, blogging, graphic design, Google analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, product sourcing/buying, order fulfillment, customer relations, employee training, 3rd-party sales channels.

In 2010 Alex sold the business and moved to Sacramento where she took on a role in social media management and eventually started VIVIDDD Design & Development in 2016.

With all of her past experience of owning an eCommerce and retail business Alex can put herself into her clients ‘shoes’ to best understand what their immediate and future needs are when it comes to their online presence.

Alex brings her can-do attitude to whatever she lays her hands on.

When not at her desk Alex likes to cook, stay fit, and as of late play the ukulele.