Full-Service Campaign

We believe all persuasion is personal, and the power in any campaign comes from our candidate’s core values. While our voter targeting is disciplined how we connect with voters is always shaped by the candidate’s story, values, passion, and commitment.

Based on our unique framing and messaging strategies, we build a robust and responsive campaign plan, blending the most effective tactics for the district. Our toolkit includes personal voter contact, online and social media tools, television advertising, creatively-crafted print materials, and more.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with candidates who share our dedication for creating a better world. When you hire us – your success becomes our priority.


Judy Arnold for Marin County Supervisor

Supervisor Judy Arnold was running for her fourth re-election to Supervisor.

Although she has a long history of working responsively with the community, she had a strong challenger (and her prior race had come down to the wire).

Despite the negative campaigning against her, we were able to highlight her impressive list of accomplishments, her competency, and her love for her community – so that she could solidly post a win.

Tom Lopez for Yolo County Sheriff

When Undersheriff Tom Lopez decided to run for County Sheriff, against his boss, he knew he was risking his career.

But Tom’s commitment to integrity, inclusive management, community responsiveness, and equity told him the risk was necessary. He was a first-time, inexperienced candidate entering a race against an incumbent, at the last minute.

We can chalk-up his decisive win to the great team he brought with him, his tireless effort (no matter the challenge), and a disciplined plan, well-executed.

what people say

  • Erin Hannigan Avatar

    My re-election campaign for Solano County Supervisor was well-run, with consistent, creative, thoughtful messaging across many media—that always reflected my values. four and Paul provided us the guidance to remain focused, disciplined, and on target.

    Erin Hannigan
    Solano County Supervisor
  • Tom Lopez Avatar

    As a first-time candidate, running against an incumbent, it was important to have a knowledgeable team on our side. four and Paul were with us every step of the way, not only producing great product, also making sure that we were taking the right steps at the right time.

    Tom Lopez
    Yolo County Sheriff
  • Josh Fryday Avatar

    Paul Cohen & four waters were great partners in our hard-fought and successful campaign. The tools, support, and experience were invaluable. They kept our team on track, we were nimble and responsive - and always focused on message discipline. This team has a nice blend of pragmatic strategic understanding and commitment to authenticity and integrity.

    Josh Fryday
    Novato City Council
  • Stephanie Moulton-Peters Avatar

    Paul and four’s partnership throughout my successful campaign helped us stay disciplined, on-track, and focused. They were strategic, creative, and always had our back. They helped me to craft a compelling message and delivered it in an effective way to the right audience at the right time. They are a great team and trusted partners.

    Stephanie Moulton-Peters
    Marin County Supervisor