Public Relations & Communication

When a client comes to us—whether you are a non-profit looking for community or funder support or a corporate client looking to get your product in front of buyers—we always begin with values. We believe what’s most persuasive is the client’s story, and the foundational ethics in which that story is rooted.

We help craft the most genuine and persuasive narrative, and provide a complete range of services—including television ads, online tools, and print materials—in order to get that message to the right audience.




Stand Up Placer

Stand Up Placer is a non-profit organization based in Placer County that offers support and recovery services to survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. We were approached by their team initially to help them “refresh” their current branding. This included a new color palette for use in their logo and other marketing collateral, and the creation of an all-inclusive Branding Guideline. Once that groundwork was laid, we moved on to helping them hone their messaging for outreach to the community, potential donors, and survivors. Our team has been able to create and maintain a cohesive look and feel with each new project, which includes mail pieces, t-shirt designs, and brochures.

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