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Campaigns are about winning. In order to win, you need to reach the maximum number of likely voters, with the right persuadable message, as efficiently as possible — and then make sure you get those voters to the polls.

There are never enough resources, so making the right choices and staying focused can be the difference between success and failure.

PMCohen Public Affairs, a San Rafael based rm, offers strategic communication and outreach, and political campaign services to help you succeed.

Paul Cohen (Principal) worked as a union organizer and then spent more than a decade as the Director of Government and Public Relations for the Northern California Carpenters. In addition to managing the union’s internal and external communications members and overseeing campaign contributions, he directed eld operations and labor outreach on numerous political campaigns, from local to statewide.

In 2012, Mr. Cohen left the Northern California Carpenters to pursue his own business. As well as directing the campaigns of others, Mr. Cohen has successfully run for public office, effectively serving on both the San Rafael School Board and City Council.

Now Paul brings the investment and experience of those years of public service to his clients, providing a unique wealth of political knowledge and history, local public policy understanding, and relationships with elected officials and community leaders.

Paul received his degree in Political Science from Swarthmore College. He and his wife have lived in San Rafael for 30 years and raised two wonderful daughters.

Partial Client List:

• City of San Rafael Measure E 2013: with Public Strategies LLC, directed a successful campaign to increase local sales tax to .75 cents and extend for 20 years.

• Marin General Hospital Measure F 2013: with Tramutola Advisors, passed a 394 Million Dollar Bond Campaign to rebuild Marin General

• Marin General Hospital Measure R 2014: with Tramutola Advisors, passed a measure approving the lease of the hospital facilities to the non-profit established by the Marin Healthcare District

• Dixie School District Measure C 2014: with Public Strategies LLC, directed a successful campaign to pass a bond measure for Dixie Elementary District.

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