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Having a great product, or being the best candidate, is not enough. The right people need know about you, or your product, and must be persuaded to support, or purchase from, you, in order for you to be successful.

At four waters media, inc. we believe two most important features of “breaking through the noise” are authenticity and consistency: people (consumers or voters) are not persuaded in their heads. They decide in their gut, a choice their intellect then justifies. And most folks are living their lives — and not paying any attention to you — unless you connect with something that is important to them. four waters media, inc. offer communication strategies and public relations that focus help you understand the client, engage authentically, and communicate so that you’re heard.

four waters has helped clients present effectively for nearly 30 years. We provide a unique system for building an authentic, effective message frame.

Working with a wide range of clients, including corporate, non-profit, and political, four waters media, inc. brings tremendous commitment and extensive experience to every client.

Inspired by the research of Prof. George Lakoff and Drew Weston, Ph. D, four waters has developed a unique system to help clients build emotionally compelling, values-based framing and messaging. The process allows authentic outreach and engagement, which is flexible enough to speak to any specific topic, and retain “message discipline.”

four waters media, inc. also provides strategy consulting, helping groups build effective road maps to successfully get where they’d like to go.

four waters has worked around California assisting grassroots organizations in developing measurable, achievable, quantifiable goals in order to be successful. We believe our Democracy and our communities are improved with greater civic engagement. Encouraging ongoing engagement requires participants see measurable results, have a good time, and feel appreciated for the effort.

We hope four waters media, inc. has the opportunity to help you be successful — whatever your goals might be.

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  • 2001-Present: President, four waters media, inc.
  • 1999-2001: Public Relations & Media, Julia “Butterfly” Hill Campaign Communications
  • 1996-1999: Director, Trees Foundation
  • 1993-1994: Prepress Technician, Headline Graphics
  • 1988-1993: Art Director & Southern California Sales Manager, Custom Impressions Production
  • 1986-1988: Artist, Custom Impressions
  • 1976-1986: Corporate Sales, Custom Impressions
  • California Teachers Association, Mail Program — All of Region 2
  • Jennifer Montgomery, Placer County Supervisor (elected, re-elected)
  • Erin Hannigan, Solano County Supervisor (elected)
  • Pippen Dew, Vallejo City Council (elected)
  • Jess Malgapo, Vallejo City Council (elected)
  • Lucas Frerichs, Davis City Council (elected)
  • Susan Lovenburg, Davis School Board (elected)
  • Shanthi Gonzales, Oakland School Board (elected)
  • Hilary Crosby, California Democratic Party Controller (elected, re-elected)
  • California Democratic Party (CDP),
    Special Projects Consultant
  • New Harvest Capital Partners
  • The Auburn Symphony
  • First Street Real Estate/REMAX Gold
  • North Coast Co-op: Branding & multiple label designs
  • Turn (The Utility Reform Network)

*Partial List